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Freedom Capital Advisors offers many types of investments and types of investment accounts to suit your needs. We handle individual accounts, joint accounts, transfer on death accounts, IRA’s, Rollover IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Trust accounts as well as corporate accounts. Our clearing partner Interactive Brokers LLC, is consistently ranked as one of top online brokers in the Country and for good reason. You can learn more about them

Bond & Income Specialist

Freedom Capital Advisors posses in-depth knowledge of many types of bonds including corporate bonds, high yield bonds and US Treasuries. We closely follow the Oxford Bond Advantage and build laddered portfolios for our clients based on their individual risk tolerance and financial goals. In addition, we also follow the Oxford Income Letter which
includes many great ideas including bonds and preferred stocks. If your interested in covered call writing, we got you covered there too and have over three decades of experience in
selling options.

Independent 100%

Registered Investment Advisor

Freedom Capital Advisors Inc proudly operates as a Registered Investment Advisor in Florida, offering unparalleled expertise in financial services. With a
career spanning nearly four decades, we understand the evolving dynamics of the market. We navigate the complexities of today’s market environment, providing personalized guidance to build a portfolio tailored to your needs and offering
unparalleled investment advice to clients across the Country. If you appreciate
excellent customer service and like to be valued, then give Ron McCoy a call at
(407) 614-2006

Get the Advice You Need to Make Sound Investment Decisions Today by Calling Us at 407 614 2006 To Speak With Our Registered Investment Advisor.

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